Traditional Fixed Propellers

We supply high quality fixed propellers at competitive rates for both inboard and outboard applications.

We can also re-pitch, repair,  clean, and balance old or lightly damaged bronze propellers.



Varifold is a superb folding propeller featuring a full helical pitch distribution. Varifold propellers are typically the first choice for Oyster, Baltic, Swan and Moody yachts. Varifold propellers are available in two, three and four blade variants suitable for use with up to 1000hp engines

Bruntons Varifold Propeller


Autoprop is the first choice feathering propeller for sailboats among cruising yachtsmen the world over

Drag reduction when sailing by at least 85%, changes pitch automatically to suit prevailing wind and sea conditions


Variprop is a superb precision German engineered custom made feathering propeller.

Forward and reverse pitches can be changed in just seconds — even underwater.

Variprop will fit into the smaller prop apertures of older traditional “full keel“ yachts 

Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems:


The Sonihull antifouling system works by producing bursts of ultrasonic energy in multiple frequencies, so creating micro jets of tiny  bubbles that continuously clean the hull surface below the waterline.


Fixed or Flexible

We advise and supply exactly the correct coupling for joining the propeller shaft to the gearbox, whether it is a simple or complex requirement. We can provide both fixed and flexible types suitable for both metric and imperial shafts. We also supply a wide range of adaptors and bobbins.

sigma 6 banner


Sigmadrives are designed to fit virtually all boats from yachts to workboats, canal narrow boats to military vessels; in fact pretty much any powered vessel with engines up to 1300hp.


We typically produce shafts in F51 Duplex or 316 Stainless depending upon the application. We ensure that the correct material is selected to provide, low wear and high resistance to corrosion together with high shear and torque loading strength.

Bell Marine produce both standard and non-standard shafts including matching special tapers, keyways and threads.

We ensure that run-out is within strict tolerances and also ensure the safe handling and packaging of all shafts to ensure that perfect alignment is maintained.

propeller shaft and coupling
F51 Duplex or 316 Stainless propeller shafts


Bell Marine supply high quality sleeved or flanged bearings to support all stern gear applications. Water lubricated Cutless bearings are available with either a naval brass or a composite shell bonded to an ultra tough nitrile bearing surface.

Water lubricated Cutless bearing


Bell Marine can advise and supply exactly the propeller shaft seal for your application, whether a traditional or low maintenance type is preferred. We recommend and supply the proven PSS Seal for many applications.

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Whilst we offer face to face advice and recommendations in southern England we also pride ourselves on providing a worldwide service and often despatch products both to Europe, Australasia and the Americas.

We will ensure that you get full tracking information on all parts whether a shaft seal or large propeller and will provide a fast service on all standard items.