Bell Marine are proud of our reputation for top-quality service with competitive prices as well as the superb quality of all the products we supply.

This is some recent feedback from our customers on our services and on the amazing Bruntons products we are proud to supply as their agent.

Phil Clabburn

I’ve known Paul since 1995 when he provided the speed calculations and the bespoke stern gear equipment for my triple engined 1936 High speed launch, HSL 102.
He subsequently carried out the same for my triple engined 3000hp gunboat MGB 81 and numerous other vessels I’ve restored over the years, most recently a 1970s Omega 828 and a Triana Tantarella. In every situation the boats have met their design speeds and rpm, Pauls’ attention to detail, knowledge and customer relationship are second to none, rare in today’s marketplace. If ever you require help with any propulsion problem, I recommend one thing, “Call Paul!”

Mike Steel

I Purchased a Sigmadrive shaft coupling from these guys and was very impressed with the service and advice they gave. The coupling was at the best price I could find and was delivered the next day after paying. Highly recommend.

Bruntons Sigmadrive Propeller Shaft Coupling

Malcolm Perrins

Bell Marine advised me about a new shaft for my Jeanneau 39i and recommended a Duplex steel which is much better than the OEM shaft. Delivered quickly and fitted perfectly. Really faultess service. 5 stars.

The verdict on the Sigma Drive from Jon on a Hans Christian 33 ” Prism” was:

“The sigma drive is the answer to all of your misalignment prayers, making fine engine alignment a thing of the past.”

sigma 6 banner


For many years the highly respected French yacht builder Chantiers Amel have exclusively fitted Autoprops to their  their beautifully engineered and built yachts.

Jeanne Socrates is the oldest person to sail solo nonstop unassisted around the world via the Southern Ocean’s Five Great Capes has to ensure all her equipment is faultless. This is her view of  the Autoprop fitted to her Najad 380:

“My Brunton’s Autoprop, a self-adjusting propeller, is also a lovely bit of engineering…   …it performs impressively, requiring noticeably fewer engine revs for a given speed through the water than the previous fixed prop.”

Jeanne Socrates
Yves Kinnard Atlantic

Yves Kinnard, successfully challenged the Atlantic in his tiny 6.5m trawler style motor yacht “Spirit of Arielle” fitted with a Autoprop.

“After testing and comparing with a fixed blade propeller, the difference was very evident….the Autoprop  delivered 6 knots at 1250 rpm, while the fixed bladed propeller required 1500 rpm to achieve the same speed. Cruising was therefore much more fuel efficient …”