Product Videos

Autoprop Review

Unbiased customer Alex gives a review of the Autoprop on his Colvic Countess 28 in beautiful South Devon

Why Bruntons

Bell Marine are proud to be a main agent for Bruntons who are the one company in the world that designs and manufactures just about every type of propeller in regular use today.

 Bruntons have no reason to try and get you to settle for second best because we will have the perfect answer.

Sigmadrive review

Sailing Vessel Prism are Shannon and Jon are experienced voyagers who sail their Hans Christian 33 worldwide and their video’s now have 25.9K subscribers

This is their review and installation video of the Brunton’s Sigma Drive.

Their verdict was “The sigma drive is the answer to all of your misalignment prayers, making fine engine alignment a thing of the past.”

A key feature for Autoprop propellers is they can be fully serviced. This can be done either by Bell Marine or by anyone competent. Our colleague Dr. Roderick Sampson of King Propulsion explains how this is done on a Autoprop H5 propeller.